An Invitation to Visit ...
Our Historic Shops and Cannery
The Graber Olive House Store will be re-opening soon.

Our venue is still available for private events.

Founded in 1894, the historic Graber Olive House is located in a pleasant residential area north of Ontario's business district, just minutes from the Ontario International Airport.

Our beautiful showroom features olives and fine food gifts

Graber Olive House
(909) 983-1761
(800) 996-5483

315 E. Fourth St. (1½ blocks east of Euclid Ave.)
Ontario, California 91764

The Graber Olive House Store is temporarily closed until further notice.

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Our seasonal workers grade olives for size Salting the olives in huge vats where they will cure Canning the olives Labeling the cans Pulling cans out of the retort (pressure cooker)